No Funeral "Misanthrope"

by No Funeral

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"Misanthrope the first full-length by Minneapolis’s No Funeral, pumps a whole lot of sewage into its brief runtime. The band’s hello-from-the-gutter approach to sludge and shrieking high end remind me of Fister, albeit with fewer harrowing samples."
-Invisible Oranges

"Bitter dystopian sludge with metallic skull-crushing riffs. This is awesome in the way WINTER were awesome, with some mind-bending BONGZILLA moments. Vocals pierce through the heavy clobbering beats. This three-piece brings an angry hopeless offering. It’s scary, it’s doom-ridden, it’s rough. Well Done".
-Maximum Rock n Roll

"Direct from Minneapolis, Minnesota, comes a scornful sludge metal act called No Funeral. Since their inception in 2011, the band has released several demos and singles. Now, their grimy malignant noise has finally manifested in the form of a full-length debut. Entitled Misanthrope, No Funeral’s inaugural album is a wrathful, belligerent discharge of discontent.
A boiling sense of contempt for — well, life itself — spans the album’s four tracks. Those who find sludge too repetitive will appreciate the album’s grooving (by sludge standards) pace. What makes this album stand out to me is the power of the songs. There’s something going on here that grabs you by the jaw. Something more than feedback and perpetual guitar drones. No Funeral are not the least bit afraid to throw a substantial helping of Sabbath into their riffs".
-No Clean Singing

"No Funeral is a three piece band from Minneapolis, Minnesota who formed in 2011. No Funeral features members of Sourvein and Witchden and the band plays a dirty and raw style of music that incorporates elements of doom, sludge, and crust within their sound. Misanthrope is the band's debut four song EP, which was released on the band's own label No Funeral Recordings on September 24th, 2016. On Misanthrope, No Funeral offer up four tracks of crushing, raw, and dirty doom, sludge, and crust. Overall, Misanthrope makes for a killer listen and No Funeral is an absolute must listen for fans of Northless, Churchburn, and Immortal Bird. Highly recommended!"
-Dead Air At The Pulpit

"Former drummer of the very heavy Sourvein coiled on a new project (I mean Jeff "Kong" Moen). Of course, the musical style of this new band called No Funeral is the same that practiced next to Sourvein: Sludge / Doom busted, narcotic and heavy to say enough. I had moderate expectations, but expectations at last, regarding this trio, and I can already say that those expectations have been filled without problems by the Minneapolis band.
The sound characteristics of the group are the classic ones: a guitar that looks like a giant wall falling slowly, with those eternal and black chords that are eternal in the mind of the listener. The bass has that fat, valvular and distorted sound that gives to the sound of the group the necessary power and necessary extra heaviness, filling spaces and making it necessary a second guitar. And the drummer is slow, crawling, but beating with inhuman force at all times, providing groove at all times, and accelerating in just moments, leading the group to the Stoner / Doom side for a brief moment. The voice, of course, exudes rage, as in every band of Sludge.
It starts very well the disc, which consists of 4 tracks (the duration of the album is 30 minutes). The first track ("Narcotic Hex") manages to create a really narcotic atmosphere, all thanks to the decadent virulence that comes from the interpretations, added to the central riff of the subject, A real riff-lick full of blackness.
The rest of the album follows these same parameters, although they never dazzle. But, they reach to create a morbid and filthy disc that does not put obstacles to the listener, but it catches them, moderately, but traps it until the end. Part of that magnetism comes from the sound (very heavy and dirty), and another part comes from the way of playing of these boys, who seem to be bleeding in each composition, in each note. That is how they manage to compensate for the lack of originality, putting desire and honesty to full.
Misanthropy (the name of the record is not in vain), depression, nihilism and addictions, everything is there, in the midst of that mess of monstrous riffs, minimalism and dragged slowness. Good start of No Funeral in the world of long-lasting discs. "
-Puroruido Blogspot

"No Funeral play miserable, pissed off, detuned sludge that resembles the album's title and is definitely misanthropic sounding. There's hate oozing from their pours in the form of festered black pus that reeks of rot and bodily decay, but you take a whiff anyway to see why it's so rotten. The band play old school sludge that would definitely peg them in there with Grief, but there's a stoner vibe in there that peaks through every now in then. It's hard to tell if these dudes actually worship the Iommic one, but it sounds more like Sabbath by way of Bongzilla when it gets to those stoner parts. There's definitely some meat on these bones, and the sandpaper vocals rubs this sound raw creating a gnarly mix that is satisfying. The guitars have a septic bowel churning feel and is about as smooth as spreading chunky peanut butter with a rusty knife on hot gravel. So that means I'm digging it. The bass is heavily distorted which it should be for sludge, and altogether creates a cornucopia of doom fit for any scum bag fuck face out there. I've received word that there will be a No Funeral/Livid split down the road and I can't fucking hear it. This album was killer, and if you haven't heard it yet you should definitely do so! "
-Super Dank Metal Jams

"Sludgy, slow, and heavier than an obese rhino: perhaps the only way you can describe Misanthrope, debut release of Minnesotan doom metal quartet No Funeral. Having formed back in 2011, No Funeral have been recording and releasing demos and singles since 2013, with each of the these tracks being polished off and collected together to create their first full-length album. Now that the album has finally come to fruition however, does it hold together?
The short answer would be yes, but that wouldn’t make for much of an interesting review, so let me tell you why Misanthrope works so well.
Anyone familiar with doom metal knows that the genre is built upon long, droning guitar notes, and a general slowness, all the while sounding intensely heavy, as if someone were to play a Cannibal Corpse album at one eighth its normal speed. No Funeral have managed to achieve this style down to a tee, with each track on Misanthrope embracing the staples of doom metal, whilst not appearing formulaic or generic.
What becomes the mainstay of the album as a whole is the use of repeated guitar riffs, wherein each track there will be a predominant riff used and re-used throughout. This repetition could become annoying or seem as if there is a lack of originality from the band, relying on one decent riff to carry a song. However, this is far from the case on Misanthrope, as the repeated riffs go on to create a droning feeling within the songs, something which is key the sound of any doom metal band. The sludgy, slow repetition of guitarists Kevin (who also provides the vocals) and Doug (who appears on the final track, “Hate”) sees the tracks become all encompassing, as if the listener cannot escape their sound as each verse brings you back to where you have already been. This idea of the music being all encompassing and surrounding only adds to the largeness of the sound; a mountainous wall of noise which you are overwhelmed by, a sound which you cannot possibly escape. In my own opinion, I have to say: it’s a good thing not be able to escape from.
The length of each track is typical for what you would find on a doom metal album, with the shortest track being almost six minutes long. Due to this, the band has plenty of room within each song to show their diversity, offering different styles while always ultimately returning to the original style laid out in the beginning of the track. For example, on both “Hate” and “Narcotic Hex”, No Funeral picks up the pace, providing an interlude which is still slow, but sounds lightning fast when compared to the rest of the song. These interludes see the whole band grouping together for a faster style of play, with drummer Jeff free to attack his drums, bringing a ferocious and continuous beat that changes the entire mood of the song.
The slightly faster interludes featured throughout some tracks certainly do breathe some life in to Misanthrope, but the main focus No Funeral is concerned with is creating a sound which trudges along at a slug’s pace, with bone-crushing heaviness. No track on the album displays this better than “Leeches”, which only begins to pick up the pace towards the end of the track, remaining for the most part at a sludgy, crawling pace. This stagnant pacing of an already immensely heavy track only amplifies its density, creating one of the most intensely weighty tracks I have ever heard.
Be sure to go out now and get Misanthrope as soon as you can, as the album is in limited supply for physical release, meaning that once it’s gone, it’s gone."
-The Moshville Times

"After forming in 2011 Minneapolis’ own No Funeral has been busy releasing a handful of EPs and singles, but in September 2016 their debut full length Misanthrope came bubbling up to the surface. Misanthrope is a four track release that is pumped full of sludge filled doom that is noisy, malignant and down right filthy as fuck. No Funeral pulls no punches on this release as it is just as grimy, gritty and as twisted as you can imagine. Each track is pumped full of hate, discontent, torment and more to provide you with an incredibly sickening listen.
While this record is a doom record the run times are not entirely staggering for all four songs, but with that being said, the amount of visceral hatred, and blackened discharge that is shoved into this record is astounding. Through four songs you are greeted with an incredibly harsh and flesh flaying tone that buries you under the massive amount of sewage that this record spews forth. Misanthrope begins with Narcotic Hex which opens with an audio sample of someone trying to push drugs, and at about the one minute mark the grimy sludge kicks in and kicks your teeth in all at the same time. Once No Funeral begins they don’t stop as the roll out rumbling track after rumbling track of malevolent and malignant doom.
No Funeral combines unbelievably weighty bone breaking riffs with buzzing bass lines and throat ripping vocals to provide you with a listen that is as in your face and terrifying as it possibly can be. Misanthrope as a whole is a monster of terrifying proportions that rumbles and steamrolls over everyone and everything leaving no trace of life behind. No Funeral does a great job of rolling out song after song gifting you with a listen that is entirely suffocating and punishing. Once you begin listening there is no escape from the skull grinding onslaught that is No Funeral.
Misanthrope is undeniable, plain and simple. This record is a force of metallic nature that bears down upon you from the first note on only to bury you in the gutter once everything is all said and done. This is one of those records where you just can’t get enough sickness no matter how disgusting and fetid it is. You just keep coming back for more and more of the stuff and quite frankly I don’t blame you as that is exactly what I did. Misanthrope is a behemoth and one hell of a great listen and with that, I say well done No Funeral for creating something so disgusting and just so god damned heavy and memorable."
-Cadaver Garden


released September 24, 2016

*Recorded, Mixed and Mastered July 2016 at Beast Mountain Audio by Dinis deCarvalho. Layout by H Pipkorn
First press released September 24, 2016
Second Press released January 13th 2017
Kevin - Guitars, Vocals, and Bass (on tracks 1 + 3)
Jeff - Drums
Matt - Bass



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